D&L ESI Direct Deposit Information

Direct deposit means that instead of receiving a paper check from us on pay day, the money would be automatically transferred into the bank account of your choice on pay day.

When would my money be available?
The money would be available to your bank at midnight on pay day morning, but it would depend upon your individual bank’s policy as to when they would make the funds available to your account. If you had a question about this, you could contact your bank and ask what their policy is.

What will this cost me?
There would be no charge to receive this benefit.

What is required to participate?
You would have to have a bank account to receive the money AND an email address to receive your check stub. If you DIDN'T have BOTH of these, you would just continue to receive a paper check in the mail or pick it up at our office.

Who is qualified to participate?
This benefit is available only to Employees of D&L Entertainment Services. If you are a contractor of D&L Entertainment Services or employee of D&L Security Services, this benefit is NOT available.

What is my employee #?
Your D&L Entertainment employee # (without the letter), can be found on your ID badge, your paycheck stubs, your year end W2 or on pre-printed timesheets when you work. If you DO NOT know your correct employee, please call our office during normal business hours (214-634-0757) and ask for it.

How long does it take to get started?
New Employees requesting Direct Deposit MAY receive their first paycheck in paper form. However, subsequent paychecks would then be by Direct Deposit.

Current Employees: If you do not receive Direct Deposit on the first pay date after you submit your request, it will be on the following pay date. We sometimes process our payrolls early and may have received your request too late to make the next pay date.

How do I sign up for Direct Deposit?
From a computer with printing capabilities, visit this page and follow the instructions. This is not an online submitted document. You will complete the form online, print it, sign it and submit it to our office via mail, fax, hand delivery or scan/email (keep a copy for your records). Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES can we accept a "picture" of your form.
For information on how to scan and email us your form using an iphone, click here. Similar programs exist for Android phones.

What happens if my information changes after I sign up?
Visit this page to report any change of email information.

A change of banking information will require a new form to be filled out.

Any Direct Deposits paid to you that are refused by your bank because your account is closed will then be paid to you in check form and your Direct Deposit will be cancelled until we receive new information from you.